You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Marriage Vitamin takes the guesswork out of becoming a member.

How does MarriageVitamin work?

Upon subscribing, you and your marriage will be prayed for, by name, every week. You will also receive one short text message and one longer email weekly, providing Biblical and real-life expert advice, tips and encouragement. And, as always, you will receive a new silicone wedding ring every year on your anniversary.

What type of resources do MarriageVitamin subscribers receive?

In addition to the weekly texts and emails, Subscribers regularly receive links, recommendations, and coupons to books, vlogs, podcasts, websites, seminars, conferences and retreats. Our staff has vetted out the very best of the best marriage and relationship resources, and it is our pleasure to deliver these to you.

Is this private, or will my identity be revealed?

Marriage Vitamin is private and your information is strictly confidential.No subscription or information regarding any subscriber will ever be made public or revealed to any other subscriber. Any information that is shared publicly (testimonials, questions or anecdotes) is only done so with prior, written consent.

Can I sign up my spouse, too?

Yes! We encourage both spouses to sign up. Each person has to have an individual subscription. Some information subscribers receive might be more directed to a wife, and some information might be more directed to a husband. 

When both partners are signed up, you each have the ability to experience the best that Marriage Vitamin has to offer. That puts you BOTH in a position to work at building a healthy marriage each and every day.

Is Marriage Vitamin right for a married couple with no problems?

Yes! Just as a healthy person would still benefit from taking vitamins, a healthy marriage can maintain great health with MarriageVitamin…and that’s our goal.

However, we will be honest and say that even amongst the staff here, we all admit there are things we need to work on personally and can improve upon within our marriages. We, too, need our marriage vitamins. There is always room for improvement.

Is MarriageVitamin right for a married couple with major problems?

Yes!  All too often, subscribers will inform us that they have received little to no pre-marital counseling and feel like they went into their marriage unprepared.  

With that in mind, it is very likely that almost every marriage will experience an extremely difficult period at some time. These may be temporary “rough patches” or sudden relationship traumas that feel insurmountable. 

No one is immune. While highly educated, certified, and experienced, our staff has all experienced major problems at some point in our marriages. There are testimonials of how we were able to help couples overcome major problems, difficulties and challenges. This is our goal…to share how we overcame!

How can I get the most out of Marriage Vitamin?

By subscribing and enjoying! Simply read your text and email each week, and ponder them. Consider what it means to your marriage personally, and how you might be able to apply what you learn. You will see improvements in health and happiness…guaranteed.

What's your refund or cancellation policy?

Subscribers may cancel their subscription at any time for any reason. Subscribers can also upgrade or downgrade their subscription at any time.

Why should I try MarriageVitamin?

A. Because we have already done the work for you.
All our staff has been married over 25 years, has the degrees, certifications, and experiences to serve your marriage.  

B.  We care.
We genuinely care about you and your marriage and we want the best for you.  

C. Convenience and Cost.
You don’t have to go anywhere, make any appointments, or even talk to anybody. Simply enjoy what we send you! Every February is FREE, and Level One subscriptions are FREE.