Wonderful ministry!

“So Thankful for this amazing Ministry. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and something I cherish deeply. Thank you Marriage Vitamin, wonderful ministry!”
– Felicia Koziczkowski

A great tool in our marriage

“The leaders in Marriage Vitamin are very well educated and knowledgeable. They are not afraid to speak the truth, as written in the bible and they have recognized and learned from past mistakes in their own marriage which makes them more real and genuine and personable. We have been a part of their group for over 6 years and in those years they have definitely bought things to our attention for my husband and I to work on or recognize that we may have not seen otherwise. I feel their class has been a great tool in our marriage and it keeps us in check with how we love and treat each other. I feel being involved with a biblical marriage group paired with regular Date nights are both very vital in a healthy marriage. I recommend this marriage group , now that half of the battle is done you can start planning your date night 😉…May God Bless You all and your marriages!”
– Cheri Love Nick

Helping all people God has placed in their lives

“I know them personally, they love the Lord and have always prioritized Him, their marriage, and children in a way that honors God!! Since I’ve met them years ago all they have ever wanted to do is share the love and joy God has brought them with others!The Marriage Vitamin is a great tool for them to help many more people long distance in the same way they’ve already been helping all the people God has placed in their lives near by!!”
– Ydel Omar Gonzalez

Highly recommended!

“Highly recommended!! Marriage vitamin is run by people who genuinely care and want to help. I have seen it in action and know they live their life exactly how is described.”
– Nick Geltner

You already know the value of coaches and mentors for improving your skills.
Marriage Vitamin is designed to help you consistently improve your marriage.